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Michigan in Metal is all about quality, integrity, and a love for Michigan. 

Michigan in Metal was founded in the quiet town of Corunna, Michigan in 2011. I have since moved to Gaylord, Michigan, with my brother. We continue to grow rather quickly, getting a lot of inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us.


My main motivation for starting this company (besides my love of craft), actually stemmed from traveling around Michigan and going into all kinds of gift shops... only to see "Made in China" on almost every product! I knew that with our creativity, and love for this great state, my brother and I could put some quality pieces out there at great prices. People would want it, and stores would carry it.


We have accomplished so much in just a few years, but our goals are extending a lot further. We hope to eventually open a small store in Gaylord, and maybe even a few more elsewhere in the state! 


Our love for Michigan and metal shows in every piece we make. We may just carry the biggest and most unique selection of metal art in all of Michigan! We are quickly becoming THE place to shop when a special piece is needed for those who have moved out of state, looking for something for their home or cabin, or those who need a unique gift.


If you have something in mind, but do not see it, contact us. We'll do our best. If you would rather phone in your order, or have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Thank you for checking out our site and spreading the word!

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