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Snowmobiler 3 photo picture frame wall hang

Snowmobiler 3 photo picture frame wall hang

We all have some awesome sleddng photos we want to show off, and this piece does just that and more! Not only is it a fantastic piece to show off 3 of your favorite 4" x 6" photos, but it is also an incredible piece of metal art! At approx. 24" x 13" this is a real nice size, and looks amazing on the wall!

Made from strong 14 gauge metal. Powder coated in tough textured black. We weld legs to the back so it sits 1-1/2" from the wall. 2 of the top legs have the hangers welded to them for super easy hanging. Hang with nails, screws, or my favorite...push pins.

Photos are held in with 2 strong magnets each (6 included)

Additional magnets can be purchased at any hardware store, Walmart, or Home Depot 

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